31 May

Must-try cuisines in Ha Long

Not only famous by world landscapes, coming to Quang Ninh, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy irresistible delicacies. Let’s explore about 5 cuisines of Ha Long!

1. Seafood noodle

Seafood noodle is a familiar dish for the people of the capital. However, when enjoying in Ha Long, surely, you will have a completely different feeling. A full bowl of vermicelli (rice pancake) costs about VND 40,000 to have a surface, shrimp, crab meat or a tickle, fish ball, vegetables. The sweetness of the broth blends with the richness of seafood and the coolness of raw vegetables certainly makes visitors unforgettable.

You can easily find the address for selling Seafood noodle at famous seafood restaurant such as: Hai Van restaurant, the restaurant of seafood noodle at the head of White bridge – Ha Tu …

2. Horseshoe Crab (Sam)

Previously, people did not eat much but gradually it became Ha Long’s specialty when processed into many strange and delicious dishes. When processing sam, one has to kill in pairs (one male one), because they think that if only one is processed, they will be allergic and cold. A dishes have cost 150,000 VND.

This kind of food can be seen in all restaurant and stalls around Ha Long City and Ha Long Market, as well. Also, on the way from Ha Long to Hanoi, you can visit Quang Yen restaurant.

3. Clam rice porridge

Clam rice porridge in Ha Long is porridge flour, cooked with sea clam, so it have different taste from porridge cooked with clam living in freshwater, rivers. Porridge is often eaten with scallions, scent of ship, dried onion, cruller. The price of each bowl is only about VND 15-20,000 VND

You should visit Ha Long market to enjoy delicious porridge.

4. Fried snail

Stir-fried snail is a must-try cuisines when coming to Ha Long because of its freshness and affordable price, so it is very addictive. Local people often eat snails at the sidewalk shops, both delicious and rustic, more comfortable. Snails have many types for you to choose, stir-fry with soy sauce, lemongrass, tamarind sauce, coconut … priced at around 35,000 / bowl

The best fried snail is on Nguyen Van Cu street, the lane next to the old Quang Ninh museum, in which there are 2 stalls are very crowded and equally quality and cheap. The restaurant on Van Lang sidewalk is also very delicious but the price is a bit higher.

5. Stuffed pancake Squid Sausage

Stuffed pancake are everywhere, but Stuffed pancake Squid Sausage is only available in Ha Long. The most delicious stuffed pancake when just finished is still hot, sprinkled with a little crispy onion, spicy enough, served with golden squid pieces, bite into the crunchy feeling of fresh Squid is tasty.

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